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Download and fill out this form to register for a CAMKit workshop. Call or write us for help with registration. We want you to be happy with your registration experience.

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Fascinating Career Opportunities

Young women learn about potential career paths by engaging in creative, hands-on activities that help them understand their skills, abilities, and interests. By the end of a series of workshops, participants can map their skills and interests with the career. Even when they don't find a career they like, they are learning about themselves.

Rather than emphasize one career or another, CAMKit programs engage young women in thought-provoking activities to help them explore careers that they might like to learn more about.

Below is a list of the the careers paths available now and a few that we are working on. Please visit and review the REGISTRATION page. Please fill in the code or name for the career on the registration form. If you want a different career, we can provide that within a specified time frame, approximately one-and-one-half months.

Note: The number of careers you choose should match the number of career choices offered by the program you choose.

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Accountant ACCT   Locksmith LOCK
Audiologist AUDI   Medical Assistant MEDA
Motorcycle Mechanic* MOTOR   Physical Therapist PHYT
Director, Non-Profit Business BUSN   Policewoman POLW
Carpenter CARP   Quality Assurance Engineer ENGQ
Chef* CHEF   Software Consultant/Developer ENGS
Environmental Engineer/Manager ENGM   Telecommunications Servicewoman TELT
Environmental Engineer/Planner ENGP   Ultrasound Technician* ULTR
      Youth Worker YOUW

*In Hosted. Ready September 1, 2011.


Note: To give the participants our full attention, a maximum of 15 young women may attend a CAMKit workshop. A maximum of 15 young women may attend each of the three segments of a one- and two-week summer camp with a total of 45 in the program.