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I have always believed that everything is possible and that things can always get better. It is up to us to make good things happen for ourselves and others.

Joelma Nacimento, Mentor, Director, Books for Brazil, The Fairy Godmother (Nonprofit)


The Real-Life Stories of Resilient Women

Our programs introduce young women to a wide range of STEM careers through the real-life stories of resilient women working successfully in careers that are financially rewarding and personally satisfying.

Barbara Passero, Director, SandpiperCREATIVE


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Books for Brazil The Mentor/Role Model Story Card is an exceptionally successful element of our programming. The cards are the autobiographical stories of resilient women working in financially rewarding and personally satisfying careers. By sharing their challenges and success stories with the girls, the mentors encourage and support their interest in STEM careers. Click here for the Mentor/Role Model Story Card for Michele B., a carpentry educator who along with her husband,Will, a builder, owns and operates the Heartwood School in Washington, MA.

A great example of this principle is Mentor/Role Model Joelma N., who is shown above in her office and at a Brazilian fair along the Charles River in Brighton, Mass. Joelma is reading to children in Brazil in the photo below.

Joelma turned her gratitude for a good life to helping others by starting a non-profit organization. Joelma says, "I realized that each time someone gave me help, it made a huge difference in my life. I had a tremendous feeling of gratitude -- and I wanted to help the impoverished children back in Brazil, where I'm from.

So I raised some money, and bought and distributed books to children in a poor neighborhood. The experience was incredibly moving, so I created Books for Brazil, Fairy Godmother, a nonprofit organization, to continue this mission."

Click here to download a copy of our mentor flyer, which shows 15 of our mentors along with their career titles. KimR.JPGCarolSheadshotJenniferB DianeW.jpg MaryW.jpg JustinaD Mel

EXPLORING CAREERS: THE MISSING LINK invites women working in financially rewarding and personally satisfying careers in traditional and nontraditional STEM fields to share their success stories with young women through our programming.

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Our mentors know that success is more than working hard and earning good money. For them, being successful means participating in their communities and giving back to others who need help. That's why they have volunteered with this project.

Pam KA

We welcome participation by women from diverse backgrounds. Please click here CONTACT US! or call the phone number listed above left.

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