Program staff including teachers and their assistants are woman-only to ensure that we have the best learning environment.

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A Large Variety of Career Education Programs

Series of Workshops

The building block for workshop series is a 50-minute program on one career. We provide a minimum of 6 workshops in a series. To ensure their enthusiasm and keep their energy levels up, we get participants up and moving. Programs feature several kinds of activities: reading, writing, communications; hands-on, and math and science puzzles and games.

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In multiple session programs, the last workshop in a series is a special activity in which participants develop a personal project. A school could increase parental and community involvement by offering a formal showing of the projects in a public location.

NOTE: To give the participants our full attention, a maximum of 15 young women may attend a workshop. A maximum of 15 young women may attend each of the three segments of a one- and two-week summer camp with a total of 45 young women in the program.

You can order one program or "mix-and-match" five different complementary, high-quality, original career exploration programs and choose from 18 careers paths in seven fields. We add new career paths when requested and as funds allow.

The workshops are single-gender to ensure that we have the best learning environment for girls. The staff consists of teacher(s), assistants, and others as necessary. Clients can provide additional program assistants if they wish. Assistant could be high school or college students, and volunteers from the community or school.

Vacation and Summer Vacation Camps

Vacation and summer vacation camps are 3.5-hour or 6-hour, 1- and 2-week camps, with hands-on activities. Participants learn about three of our careers through hands-on activities.

CONNECTING RIVERS TO THE SEA includes several segments tied in with the school year. In the spring during 8 after-school sessions, participants learn about the science of water, importance of watersheds and wetlands, and related environmental careers. The summer segment is a two-week summer day camp in which women in environmental careers and PhD students from local research institutions guide teams of girls in multidisciplinary field research projects. The fall segment includes Saturday sessions in which students wrap up research projects and a series of after-school career workshops. In the spring, community events showcase participants' team research and individual career exploration projects.


Fast-paced mini-camps introduce three careers in 3.5 hours. Women from the community come in to talk about their careers and we work with them to run activities with our ready-to-use curriculum and our staff sets up the room and assist the presenters.

Nontraditional Career Exploratory Courses

Vocational-Technical Schools can introduce 8th and 9th grade young women to four different nontraditional careers: engineer, computer programmer, carpenter, and motorcycle mechanic. In each 50-minute workshop, students learn that the field is accessible to women and that the career path is personally rewarding and offers them opportunities for financial security. The school usually offers these four classes in rotation pattern to ensure that all the young women take them.