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Barbara Passero is a remarkable educator whose work has inspired many young women to choose careers in science.

Mary-Anne Di Marco, Principal, Pope John XXIII High School, Everett, MA


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Barbara Passero, Founder and Director of Sandpiper Creative.

SandpiperCREATIVE develops and implements STEAM environmental education and career education programs and provides print and e-publication production services.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, SandpiperCREATIVE's Director Barbara Passero has been active in public outreach, education, and advocacy on environmental subjects since the 1970s when she directed the Marine Resources Information Center at the MIT Sea Grant College Program. At Sea Grant, she provided information resources to researchers in ocean and coastal resources, land use planning, natural resources management, science education, pollution studies, and other topics.

Barbara also worked for the Wildlife Refuges Division of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Environmental Sciences Department of the Massachusetts Audubon Society; Biology Department of Suffolk University; Massachusetts Marine Educators, Inc.; and others.

Barbara was awarded Life Membership in Massachusetts Marine Educators, Inc., an organization of ocean science educators, in 2004. Barbara credits MME as the inspiration for her multidisciplinary education programs that emphasize creativity, sensitivity to the environment, sharing resources, the scientific method, mentors, hands-on activities, field trips and outdoor activities, and career exploration. In April 2012, MME awarded Barbara the John Patrick Crowley Jr. Educator Scholarship for workshops on STEM Marine Science Careers that SandpiperCREATIVE presented at Pope John XXIII High School in Everett, MA.

After reading over 100 articles, chapters of books, etc., Barbara produced Opposing Viewpoints: Energy Alternatives for Greenhaven Press in 2006. This book compares and contrasts use of fossil fuels with several kinds of alternative sources such as nuclear energy, solar energy, etc.

Barbara volunteers for the Community Day Center in Waltham, MA, a day shelter for homeless people. She has maintained the vegetable and flower gardens for several summers. Last summer she found a caterpillar in the lettuce. She followed a friend's instructions and put the caterpillar in a plastic baggie with some maple leaves. In about a week, the caterpillar became a cocoon. She's waiting to see what kind of moth emerges from the cocoon next spring.

Barbara earned a B.A. in English from Hiram College and an M.L.S. degree from the Simmons College School of Library Science. She was a town meeting member in Belmont, MA, for seven years; Chairman of the Uplands Alternative Group; Former Chairman, Archaeology and Historic Preservation Committee, Belmont Citizens Forum. Barbara is a member of the BostonPIC STEM Network, Boston Youth Environmental Network (BYEN), League of Women Voters of Belmont, MA, Mass Mentoring Partnership, Waltham Land Trust, Cambridge Academic Editors Network (CAEN), and other organizations.