"Today, more than ever, girls need to be able to envision themselves in a range of professions; without woman mentors, imagining the future becomes much harder to do."

Kerry Healy, �Women Mentors for the Next Generation.� Belmont Citizens Herald, December 4, 2008, page 10.

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Why Is Mentoring So Important?

Barbara Passero, Director

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Barbara Passero is the founder and Director of the Exploring Careers through Mentoring Program.

Mentoring has been proved to be an important --some say essential--influence on a child's future. Barbara knows this from personal experience. A very special aunt had a positive, long-lasting effect on her life.

As a young girl, Barbara had a large extended family on both her father and mother's sides. Her mother's parents had nine children who had a total of 17 children themselves. Ten of these cousins lived in or near Cleveland, Ohio, and they spent most Sundays and holidays together at their grandparents' home. Aunt Myrtle, one of the eldest of the nine children, didn't have children herself. Aunt Myrtle encouraged her nieces and nephews to succeed in life.

To learn more about Barbara's experience with mentoring and her philosophy about young girls' need for mentoring, you can read these articles. You might like to watch Belmont TV's Gail Erdos' TV interview with Barbara.